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Executive Director of Coordination
Let love lead

Mr Dennis Ekwere is a certified conflict analyst, mediator and conciliator.  He is also a motivational speaker, a social communicator, a change agent and peace vanguard. Member of advisory board of International cities of peace, Ohio, USA. Member, Merit World.

Mr Dennis Ekwere is a young agile man that is gifted in the art of social communication for change.

He had an idea and passion for children while working commercially as an advertising executive. He registered this organization in 2007 but had no time to be be engaged in not for profit business until.

On 1st January 2010, Mr Dennis Ekwere was arrested and detained by the Nigeria Police in Kaduna, Nigeria for four days on wrongful accusation by his Landlord for an attempted kidnapping of his eight years old son. Whereas the issue was on a misunderstanding of apartment rentals.

While on detention, Mr Dennis met with cell inmates aged 18-45 years who told him confidentially of their involvement in crimes as alleged on them, but surprisingly these young men were not remorseful.

Rather they told him that once they regain freedom possible they will intensify their violence crime acts. To Dennis this was shocking and revealing, and he said to himself that something need to be done and quick.

Meanwhile the crime these inmates committed ranges from armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, riot, cultism, murder, fraud, assassination etc.

While Mr Dennis Ekwere was busy preaching for a new of leave to the inmates, only one out of 23 in numbers repented of his past. The rest told him to mirror on our society and see how the most corrupted in the system are the most celebrated and decorated. The told him that crime pays better and faster than honesty. They advised him to re-channel his energy on young ones if he is so passionate about a violence crime free society in Nigeria; once he is freed.

That, crime is in vicious cycle, and to break it is to reach children on time to keep them away from it. Then an idea came to Dennis.

Reminding him of an organization he has registered and at that point he began to see vision clearer. Then the organisation ( CYPLP) kicked from the cell.

After his release, he took his landlord to court of law, were he was exonerated. But the BIG STORY is;


President, Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3)
Lead With Vision

President, Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 721202161

Hello, I am Pastor Jedidiah Wayne Gaines –  A cornerstone down in the dirt with Yeshua | Pastor | Missionary | Teacher | Host | and President of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) | Visionary at The Jireh Solutions Network. I have served on the Board of Directors, since the inception of MDC in 1991 and I was blessed for decades to serve as Vice President — under the leadership of Mr. Ronnie E. Carter, who now serves as Vice-President. My calling and ministry work spans over 3 decades and numerous continents. My gifting is to work cross-culturally in the world’s hardest places and I am blessed to know and to serve some of today’s most amazing people of God – Yahweh’s Native Pastors, Ministers and Missionaries.

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My Gifts And Talents

Cross-cultural Ministry Leadership
Generational Empowerment
Preaching | Teaching | Mentoring
Emerging Technologies In Ministry

My Interest

Missions Cross-cultural Preaching Teaching Serving Inspiring Compassion In Action
Executive Director
Shepherds Lead With Love

Pastor Kashif Daniel
Executive Director – 2nd in Operational Command

Greetings in the precious name of our savior Jesus Christ. I am Pastor Kashif Daniel, SheepMaster Ministries from Lahore, Pakistan. God allowed me to serve His servants around the globe by courtesy of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3). By the grace of God I became Executive Director of MDC 501(c)(3) in one day. The Lord raised me up faithfully as He did for Joseph. Read more: New Executive Director Named At MDC501(c)(3)

This is in line with my original calling, “To get His lost children back to Him and to bless the afflicted children of God with His love.”  I am also gently moved by Holy Spirit to serve God’s saints. As MDC Executive Director, I am honored to work with our existing Purpose Alliance Partners and to also work to help bring new Purpose Alliance Partners on-board with MDC. We can advance so much farther and do so much more in Lord’s Kingdom by building bridges across the oceans. Here I am laying the first foundation of this bridge and inviting you to bravely step out and into agreement to walk together for the glory of the Lord.

MDC EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – 2nd in Operational Command.

Job Description

Reporting to the President of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 721202161, as the Executive Director I will be responsible for the overall operation of programs and events relating to advancing and leading the organization, including, but not limited to fundraising, ministry affairs, Purpose Alliance Partnership programs, public relations, and communications in general. In collaboration with the President, board of directors, and other officially appointed representatives, he or she will orchestrate the development and execution of a long-term advancement campaign for the completion of the MDC master plan. The Executive Director will be responsible for managing the advancement of ministry relations and functions including specific areas of giving, partnership relations, pastoral relations, ministry programs, major gifts, advancement campaigns, light data base management, certain special events, general and assigned communications, and advancement of giving technologies and strategies. The position requires the Executive Director remain engaged actively in the field and leading their own ministry while serving MDC globally.

Specific duties will include the following:

  • Lead and helping to overseeing the daily operations of MDC global ministries, Purpose Alliance Partnerships and advancement of new partnerships to assure that each day we are working optimally in support of MDC; its’ Purpose Alliance Partners, native pastors, ministers, missionaries and the orphans and widows that we serve.
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of MDC’s strategic plans;
  • Working as the Presidents’ liaison for the governance and advancement of MDC globally, and serving as an trusted Advisor to the President;
  • Orchestrating orientation of new partners into the organization in an optimal way, attending online meetings, and serving on other committees as requested by the President;
  • Assist in Developing and implementing an integrated, comprehensive fundraising program designed to achieve the MDC’s financial and fundraising goals;
  • Maintaining good, vibrant relationships with donors and foundations in order to build promote the work of MDC and out partners globally;
  • Identifying prospects for annual and major gifts, and cultivating meaningful relationships with them in order to secure significant strategic partnerships and contributions;
  • Planning and executing strategies for managing MDC’s public and internal communications and brand;
  • Overseeing programs which are designed to foster lifelong relationships; and Partners For Life initiatives.
  • Expanding the planned giving program;
  • Keeping the President and need to know staff informed of fundraising efforts.

Demonstrated competencies will include the following:

  • Demonstrating initiative and commitment to achieving and exceeding results;
  • Excelling in strong interpersonal skills;
  • Communicating with expertise, both orally and with the written word;
  • Managing Purpose Alliance Partners with collaboration and team building;
  • Solving problems creatively; thinking conceptually with strong future orientation;
  • Possessing political, economic, and technological savvy and a sense of humor.

Technical Expertise should include the following:
Proven experience and knowledge:

  • Annual giving program implementation, including new donor development, renewals, stewardship;
  • Major gift programs and capital campaigns, including prospect research, cultivation, personal solicitation, acknowledgment, stewardship, and recognition and volunteer management;
  • Recruitment, training, and motivation of leadership volunteers;
  • Private foundation research, cultivation, program design, and grant writing;
  • Donor communications, including direct mail, newsletters, collateral, and Internet;
  • Contracting and use of consultants under President’s advisement and direct approval;
  • Budgeting, business plan development, report analysis, and performance evaluation.


  • Upholds values consistent with the mission of MDC;
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher; LOYALTY being a key and desirable attribute;
  • Available to participate in self learning courses via the internet or live events


Ministry in the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

My Gifts And Talents

Loyalty And Trust
Diligence And Hard Work
Compassionate Love For The Hurting
Technology And Commerce Systems

The Things I Am Passionate About

Children Orphans Widows Serving Preaching Teaching Leading Guiding English Technology
Executive Director of Pastoral Care & Growth
To Love And To Serve

Pastor Moses Kalanzi
MDC Executive Director Of Pastoral Care & Growth

Hello I am Pastor Moses Kalanzi, MDC Executive Director of Pastoral Care & Growth, Lead Pastor at Grace Community Bible Church- Uganda, Coordinator at Onside Soccer – Uganda and Founder and Executive Director at Abato Foundation -Uganda. I know what it is like to walk in full faith in God and to be very busy walking out God’s calling. As Executive Director of Pastoral Care & Growth I plan to use all of my gifts, talents, skills, abilities and experiences to help Pastors, Ministers and Missionaries excel in their Purpose Alliance Partnership with MDC and to excel in loving God and loving people. I’ll work with those in ministry to help them balance their busy lives with time for God, devotionals, prayers, and fastings. God will help me and I can help you.



MDC Executive Director of Pastoral Care & Growth – Pro Bono


SCOPE (PURPOSE): To serve the MDC family of ministries by:

Reporting directly to the President of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 721202161, and as a member of the senior pro-bono staff, the Executive Director Of Pastoral Care & Growth will be responsible for those programs and events relating to:

1. Developing and administering a comprehensive and integrated array of pastoral care and growth ministries that promote healing and spiritual growth in those seeking Purpose Alliance Partnerships at MDC and it’s Jireh Solutions Network; and

  1. To promote, assist and nurture the ministries, leaders and ministry partners involved in the MDC Purpose Alliance Partnerships.



  1. Development and oversight of the Pastoral Care and Growth Ministries of MDC501(c)(3) and it’s direct outreach ministries, with a special focus on the recruitment, training, supervision and equipping of future staff and volunteer leaders.
  2. Help cast vision and develop strategic planning; in collaboration with the President and other Executive Leaders, for the Pastoral Care and Growth Ministry and other key parts of MDC’s growth and expansion plans and visions.
  3. Develop and coordinate pastoral care among Purpose Alliance Partners, with a focus on developing future loyal leaders and bringing out God’s gifting in them.
  4. Oversee the Purpose Alliance Partnerships, providing guidance, training, mentoring, policy guidance and communication about the MDC and Purpose Alliance Partnership services.
  5. Administer the work of the Pastoral Care ministries by:Encouraging teamwork and mutual support.
    Providing leadership and nurture to staff and members working with MDC and partnering ministries.
    Ensure program integrity and quality, with primary focus on leadership training and development. Establish visionary ministry goals and objectives by prioritizing related program and services.
    Manage the use of the MDC assets used for pastoral care purposes.
    Planning an appropriate budget, delegating tasks and evaluating progress regularly.
    Develop and maintain regular reporting and statistics.
    6. Attend and participate in leadership and ministry staff development meetings, etc.7. Perform well other duties as needed or assigned.
    1. Report directly to the President of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3).
    2. Direct supervision of staff and volunteers working in Pastoral Care and Growth including:

    Director – Pastoral Care Growth
    Pastoral Care & Growth Ministry Assistant(s)
    Director of Counseling
    3. Direct supervision of the following volunteer ministry leaders:

    Area Community Care and Growth teams
    Care community teams
    Leadership Marriage and Family Ministry
    Leadership Hospital, Benevolence and Prayer Ministry
    Leadership Special Growth ministry leaders

    4. Work closely with the following volunteer ministries:

    Campus & Multi-site Purpose Alliance Partners
    Area Community Leaders
    Neighborhood Evangelism Teams
    Family Ministry Teams
    Communication Teams
    Training Resources Teams

    Administration and Operations Teams


  1. Biblical/Theological studies, with a focus on pastoral relationships.
  2. Minimum 5 years experience in a full time ministry setting (preferred).
  3. Counseling experience preferred but not required.
  4. Minimum 5 years experience in Administrative/Supervisory position.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  6. Possess excellent interpersonal, organizational and planning skills.
  7. Ability to work independently with limited supervision.
  8. Possess knowledge and understanding of populations being served and areas of ministry administered.
  9. Able to work effectively with President, Board of Directors, other Executive Directors, staff, volunteers and members in both the local community and among the MDC Community of Purpose Alliance Partners.

My Gifts And Skills

Visionary Leadership
Endurance To See It Through
Compassion In Action
Multi-Tasking Pastoral Care

What I Am Passionate About

Development Orphans Widows Leadership Discipleship Mentoring Inspiring Serving Teaching Preaching
Executive Director Of Church Planting And Discipleship
“Every believer is a disciple, every disciple is a potential church planter, every believer’s home is a potential church, and every church is a discipleship training school”.

Immanuel Fellowship Mission is founded by Pastor Prince Sharjah. God called him for the North Indian ministry in 1995. Prince was born into a godly Christian home in Kerala, southern India. He held a good secular job, but when he got the call to go to northern India, he resigned from his job and moved there. He completed his Bachelor of Theology degree in 1998, from Grace Bible College in Haryana. Then he served for three years in the state of Himachal Pradesh, immediately north of Haryana state. Near the end of this time, in 2001, he completed his Master of Theology from the Asian Institute of Theology in Bangalore, South India. He did this as a non-residential student, while ministering and planting churches in the north.

Prince married Sobhana in 2000. They moved “next door” to the state of Haryana in 2001. Since then Prince has taken the gospel to hundreds of villages. Many house churches have been planted as a result. (A house church requires no additional expense or maintenance to the building, and is consistent with the pattern of churches in the book of Acts, where the church met in houses.)

Prince is pioneering church planting movements with a wider vision for northern India. He’s established and co-ordinates the Church planting movement, Bible schools, mission schools, discipleship programs, orphanages, and economic and social development programs; and networks with other like-minded Christian agencies. He visits nationally and internationally to speak at conventions and to share the ministry vision. He has visited and ministered in 16 countries.

Pastor Prince currently continues his ministry leadership in Haryana and globally with his wife Sobhana and their two children, Ben and Hannah (born in 2001 and 2003).

We seek for each church to grow rapidly, both in maturity and in numbers. Our slogan is:

Every believer is a disciple, every disciple is a potential church planter, every believer’s home is a potential church, and every church is a discipleship training school”.


Role | Function | Description:

  1. Vision Casting.
  2. Regularly cast a vision for church planting among MDC Purpose Alliance Partners, supporters and friends.
  3. Reports directly to President at Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3).
  4. Launching waves of Church Planting Efforts- Tasked to launch a wave of church planting efforts among MDC Purpose Alliance pastors, ministers, missionaries and those who hold MDC Purpose Alliance Partnerships.

Note: Mentor, teach, lead, guide and instill in our teams the key factor of having a heart for planting churches among the nations, especially in the hardest places where few have gone before.

iii. Building Teams by nation to engage in church planting and discipleship.

  1. Developing and training those who will go and train others to plant native planted and led local churches.
  2. Be available online, and by email to consult with pastors who are planting churches or who are laying their strategies to plant new churches in their region or abroad.
  3. When possible – be available to travel to local church plants or training meetings to preach, teach and guide church planters.

vii. Work towards developing church planting materials for posting on the IDECREE.Me Christian Ministry and Social Media site.

  1. Training.
  2. Provide coaching and training for church planters and plants online, on location and by consulting, as needed and as able.
  3. Create the vision for success in church planting following Holy Spirit’s guidance and years of experience planting churches.
  4. Provide guidance and specific direct contact to those who are experiencing major persecution to provide pastoral leadership, prayers, fellowship and any practical help that may be or become available.

iii. Provide material support, when possible, to those working in closed nations, restricted nations, and those who serve in areas of greater persecution.

  1. Provide every inexperienced church planter with a “Pastor Mentor” and assure that the inexperienced church planter is submitted to leadership authority of the “Pastor Mentor” and that the “Pastor Mentor” is also operating under proper spiritual authority and leadership.
  2. Encourage the use of IDECREE.ME, Mission Del Caribe.org, #IHAVEVISION.NET, Jireh Solutions Network by our MDC Purpose Alliance Partners to access technological resources, friendraising and fundraising solutions and fellowship with other pastors in the MDC network globally.
  3. Work with church plants globally to ensure a supernatural church development process that is led by Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
  4. Monitor Progress.
  5. Encourage church planting movements among the nations and through the MDC Purpose Alliance Partners at all stages of the organization to help insure a supernaturally led multiplying church planting movement is aggressively planting churches, preaching the Good News about Jesus, baptizing believers and creating discipleship movements that foster the salvation of souls as priority number one and then the care of orphans and widows in their afflictions.ii. Review the church plants movement with fellow executive leaders and director, as well as with the President with a focus on ensuring healthy churches that multiply and reach the next levels and stages of growth that are healthy for emerging churches.

iii. Report directly the President of MDC all substantial progress made and all challenges that arise and need solution within the church planting and discipleship ministry.

  1. Help put in place guidelines that will assist new church plants in the decision making processes with regard to whether to meet continually in homes, or any decisions by the local church plant to attempt to secure facilities by building, renting or buying.
  2. Be directly involved in assisting with any leadership transitions that require special attention or care.
  3. Be available to consult with or to work with, the higher level challenges faced by new church plants and Church Planting Pastors.


  1. Leadership Development.
  2. Develop TEAMS of individuals, some of whom may be named as Directors, to learn eventually become church planting coordinators and leaders who can assist you in the church planting and discipleship roles.ii. Work to develop Country Coordinators (Directors) within the Purpose Alliance Partners (who are serving as pastors/planters) and also promoting church planting in their nations, cities, towns, villages and unreached regions.

iii. Mentor those church planters and pastors who show marked characteristics and gifts for Godly, submissive, humble leadership so that they can assume higher levels of participation and leadership in the church planting movements among the nations.

  1. Be on the constant look out for new people who have gifts, talents, abilities and callings and who may become excellent potential church planters.
  2. Continue to develop yourself as an Executive Leader who empowers those who serve under you, while you serve also under authority, and as a part of the Executive Leadership Team at Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3).
  3. Keep records of methods, models, means and systems that prove themselves to work in specific situations, so that can build a successful resource library of proven solutions that work for native pastors, ministers and missionaries. Submit such records to the IDECREE.ME RESOURCES LIBRARY on a quarterly basis and review such with the President and Executive Leaders at MDC.

Executive Director Of Church Planting And Discipleship

Church Planting
Leadership Developement
Preaching and Teaching

Things That Interest Me

Family Friends Missions Ministry Travel Leadership
Vice President
Shepherds love the sheep and serve them


Ron Carter has served as President of MDC since early in it’s inception, even as Pastor Jedidiah served as Vice President for many years. In the year 2010 there was an exchange of mantles as Ron Carter became Vice-President and Pastor Jedidiah assumed the role of President. Ron has a long, fruitful and blessed history in missions and ministry. He has served as a Missions Deacon, Missions Leader, Non Profit Leader and President of various ministries including Rufuge International 501(c)(3) and other ministry organizations. Ron is retired from civil service where he served as a Human Resources Officer at the USDA National Finance Center. During his career he served as Personnel Officer & Financial Management Officer at NASA Stennis Space Center. He also served as a Veterans Contact Representative at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and as Ground Radio Technician in the United States Airforce, He studied Industrial Management and has a very large family.

Ron Says:

I am retired from Civil Service, but stay extremely busy working on lots of projects. I was married in September, 2008 to Alita Gable. We both lost our spouses to cancer and met on e-harmony. Both of us are life long members of the Church of Christ and are involved in ministry, and have traveled many times to Honduras. I currently serve as a Shepherd at Hunter Hills in Prattville, AL. I have three kids, and eleven grand children. Alita has three sons, and seven grandchildren. So, together we have 18, scattered over five states!! We stay busy.


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